Paper recycling for businesses

Recycling paper has been a standard function of most businesses for quite some time now. Rather than letting it go to a landfill, let us take care of it and have it recycled back into paper to be used once again. The difference between that and dumping it is very small and you’ll be doing the planet a big favour.

Our paper recycling bins come in a range of sizes, are tidy and easy to maneuver should you need to. We operate slightly differently to some paper recycling companies in the sense that you can utilise a call to empty style service. If you don’t fill a bin a month then we don’t want you to feel obliged to pay us to empty it. We will come when you are ready.We also offer the more traditional set pickup dates approach. Whatever works for you.



240 Litre bins Emptied every second weeks no charge


Call for a propsal


No charge


Emptied when required

$ 2.50 plus gst per week bin hire

$3.00 plus gst per bin emptied from the carpark


Emptied when required

$ 2.50 plus gst per week bin hire

$10.00 plus gst per bin emptied from the office

Cardboard bin 1100 litre

1100 litre cardboard bin emptied at least once a month
$ 27.00 plus gst per month bin rental

$12.50 plus gst bin emptied

Cardboard garden shed

Garden shed
$ 15.00 plus gst per month rental

$12.50 plus gst per emptied

Casual cardboard collection

casual cardboard collection
$ 10.00 plus gst per collection when required from carpark

Our Process

We like to keep things simple. No surprises, just a paper recycling service that works.

After receiving a request to quote, we have an initial discussion then provide a quote for the level of service required.

Upon receiving confirmation we confirm the date and time for the bins to arrive and ensure we have the bins in stock, ready to go.

We liaise with you the day before the bins are due to arrive to ensure we are still go. If nothing has changed the bins will be dropped off as requested and emptied according to your preferred schedule. Easy as that.

Why use us for your offices paper recycling?

dedicated customer service

No being passed around to a new account manager every second week. You will have one point of contact with us. Any queries or requests can go straight through them.


We have a good reputation in the industry and that is simply because we do what we say we will. Our paper recyclers are of the best quality and our service team are tidy and discreet. We respect your work environment and seek to cause as little disturbance as possible.

Transparent Pricing

We believe strongly in providing upfront and transparent pricing from the word go. No hidden costs once the bins have arrived. Any price changes are communicated well in advance of them occurring.

Multiple services on offer

We offer a range of services around the realm of office management. From secure document destruction to office relocations. Check out our services for more information in regards to what’s on offer. Discounts apply for those with multiple services with us.

Get in touch with one of our team today to get the process started for receiving your no obligation quote for paper recycling bins.

Our team aims to answer all contact form enquiries with 2 working days. For a faster response, please, give us a call.

We cater for companies of all shapes and sizes across the Auckland region.

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